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MYSURU District ULB Trends
ULB WardElected CandidateElected PartyVotes SecuredSecond Leading CandidateSecond Leading PartyVotes SecuredMarginView Result
WARD - 01Devaraju CJanata Dal (Secular)604H S Manjula ChannabasappaIndian National Congress383221View
WARD - 02H D ASHAIndependenet349JAYAMANIIndian National Congress28960View
WARD - 03ANUSHA SIndian National Congress728GIRIJA DINESHIndependenet519209View
WARD - 04Bhavya S CIndian National Congress514SMITHA M YIndependenet276238View
WARD - 05SWAMYGOWDAIndian National Congress396SHIVARAJUJanata Dal (Secular)285111View
WARD - 06DEVANAYAKAIndian National Congress495NAGANAYAKA SJanata Dal (Secular)341154View
WARD - 07S SHARAVANAJanata Dal (Secular)459ASHOKAIndian National Congress37089View
WARD - 08H P SATHISH KUMARIndependenet303BHOJAIndian National Congress2958View
WARD - 09SAMEENA PARVEENIndian National Congress415ANUSUYAIndependenet134281View
WARD - 10RAMESHAIndependenet394SHRINIVASIndian National Congress239155View
WARD - 11H R HARISH KUMARBharatiya Janata party621VIJAYALAKSHMI RAVIIndian National Congress57546View
WARD - 12VIVEKANANDABharatiya Janata party291SARDAR AHAMEDIndependenet24645View
WARD - 13MAALIK PASHAIndependenet387HAJARATH JAANIndependenet36522View
WARD - 14SHAHEEN TAJJanata Dal (Secular)389FARHAN THOUSEEFIndian National Congress36920View
WARD - 15SOURABHA SIDDARAJUIndian National Congress528SHIVAMMAIndependenet48048View
WARD - 16KRISHNA RAJA GUPTAJanata Dal (Secular)636H K VENKATESHIndian National Congress273363View
WARD - 17MANU SIndian National Congress862ABHISHEKIndependenet383479View
WARD - 18RAMESHA H NIndian National Congress455CHANDRASHEKAR H NJanata Dal (Secular)277178View
WARD - 19SHRINATH H GJanata Dal (Secular)499MOHAN H CIndian National Congress396103View
WARD - 20PARVEEN TAJIndependenet476SHOBHA MIndian National Congress363113View
WARD - 21RANIJanata Dal (Secular)550PREMA MIndian National Congress384166View
WARD - 22ZABIULLA KHANIndian National Congress505RAGHAVENDRABharatiya Janata party194311View
WARD - 23RANJITHA PIndian National Congress585SAVITHAJanata Dal (Secular)180405View
WARD - 24GEETHAIndian National Congress440KUSUMA M RIndependenet37664View
WARD - 25MANJU (KOLI)Indian National Congress633KRISHNA VBharatiya Janata party450183View
WARD - 26H K GANESHBharatiya Janata party737H N KUMARJanata Dal (Secular)389348View
WARD - 27B C RADHAJanata Dal (Secular)589ANANDALAKSHMI RIndian National Congress327262View
WARD - 28SHWETHA MANJUNATHIndian National Congress295SHWETHA SHANKARJanata Dal (Secular)141154View
WARD - 29PRIYANKA THOMASIndian National Congress586S L PREMAKUMARIJanata Dal (Secular)50878View
WARD - 30SAMEENA BANUSocial Democratic Party of India320MAKBUL BANU FAYAZJanata Dal (Secular)30614View
WARD - 31SYED YUNUSSocial Democratic Party of India539MOHAMMED MOIDULLA SHARIFFIndian National Congress353186View

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