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BALLARI District ULB Trends
ULB WardElected CandidateElected PartyVotes SecuredSecond Leading CandidateSecond Leading PartyVotes SecuredMarginView Result
WARD - 01M RudrammaBharatiya Janata party575Mallikarjuna NayakaIndian National Congress194381View
WARD - 02Manjunatha VaddaraBharatiya Janata party443Nenaki shekappaIndian National Congress231212View
WARD - 03N NasaruddinIndian National Congress452Abdul Razak SayedBharatiya Janata party350102View
WARD - 04RaghavendraBharatiya Janata party425Jabbar sab HosalliIndian National Congress36659View
WARD - 05N Sakina BanuIndian National Congress530Husen bee J Mahammad AliIndependenet331199View
WARD - 06melgade khadar valiIndian National Congress351s khasim sabIndependenet28170View
WARD - 07P RamalingammaIndian National Congress633Umadevi chidanandappaIndependenet43590View
WARD - 08HusenappaBharatiya Janata party387ShekannaIndian National Congress35334View
WARD - 09Siddeshwara SIndian National Congress450Laskara ShekappaBharatiya Janata party38367View
WARD - 10Dyavanna VaddaraBharatiya Janata party282B Dodda ParameswarappaIndian National Congress22854View
WARD - 11Dodda RudrammaBharatiya Janata party374P GayathriIndian National Congress209165View
WARD - 12S PurnimaIndian National Congress490Nagartna G SiddappaBharatiya Janata party302188View
WARD - 13NagammaIndian National Congress410Shekamma Hadligi KrishnaBharatiya Janata party39416View
WARD - 14Singri Dodda SiddayyaBharatiya Janata party407Nadlukeri SunkannaIndian National Congress285122View
WARD - 15Neelamma H ThimmappaBharatiya Janata party421ErammaIndian National Congress93328View
WARD - 16Lakshmi Mariuthi KBharatiya Janata party744S LakshmideviIndian National Congress244500View
WARD - 17Yelematti ParasannaBharatiya Janata party400Gu Sanna SiddayyaIndian National Congress260140View
WARD - 18Devara Mane RangammaIndian National Congress573nadlukeri BasammaBharatiya Janata party51261View
WARD - 19Manjula Siddana GoudaBharatiya Janata party361ShekammaIndian National Congress177184View
WARD - 20S AnandaIndian National Congress372D VenkateshaBharatiya Janata party31557View

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